Sofa Mattress
sofa mattress

A luxurious alternative to your standard sofa sleeper mattress.


Stomach, side or back sleeper - we have a supportive pillow for you.


Increase mattress longevity & protect from fluids and allergens.


Options designed to provide sturdy support for your mattress.


Ultimate in mattress comfort for a restorative night’s sleep.


Add a layer of conforming support and comfort to any mattress.


Gel Pillows

Our pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials including: gel memory foam, latex foam and memory foam. Whether you are a stomach side or back sleeper, we have a plush and supportive pillow for you! Our pillows provide support throughout the night, cradling your head in all-natural comfort. Choosing the right pillow is important. About 20% of your sleep surface is comprised of your pillow. You may not be sure of the right pillow, but you will definitely know when you have the wrong one.

It is important to have a pillow which can contour to accommodate the natural curves of the neck in order to maintain the proper neck posture while sleeping. Allergy sufferers love our memory foam and latex pillows because they are naturally hypo-allergenic. Whether you sleep on your side or back, your pillow must be soft enough to mold to your head and still fill in the space between your bed and your neck. You need to support both, since your head is larger than your neck and our pillows are great for this.

Some Features Include: Cooling Thermal Regulation Technology- Adapts to your body to moderate temperature so you can sleep more soundly. Cool Sleep Cover Dissipates Heat. Memory Foam Adapts easily. Temperature Sensitive Memory Foam . Visco Elastic Memory Foam is temperature sensitive for cooling comfort. Memory Foam is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. Proper Alignment . Creates the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders. Keeps spine in proper alignment . Ventilated with cool sleep technology. Memory Foam Pillow responds to temperature and pressure to mold to your shape by creating the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders.